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Togo is a service that links clients with top of the line couriers It also puts the delivery time and price in the power of our users. You select a time window that you would like. You set the price that you’re willing to pay for the job to get done. You also get to select the courier you would like to do the job based on reviews and customer feedback of that courier. We thrive on customer and courier relationships and we truly put the power in our customer's hands to guarantee a job well done. Currently servicing -New York City -Los Angeles -Miami -Atlanta -Philadelphia -Louisiana ( New Orleans, Metairie, Kenner, Slidell, Harvey) We’ll be expanding soon!

Fast Delivery

You choose the time window for delivery and drop off and if thereis anything you need to know or plans change (this is life, after all) you have the ability to track & chat with the couriers youʼve hired through the app to coordinate drop offs and pickups. This communication makes things fast, easy and stress free.

Time Priority

We all donʼt have enough time to do everything we want, so we give priorities to what is important to us. By giving customers the ability to choose the time window for delivery or pick up that suits their needs, we enable them to make the most of their time. You can pick delivery slots of down to 1 hour so you wonʼt have to miss a day of work waiting around for that knock.

Trust Worth

Our couriers have to have a very positive track record and be very personable, we donʼt just hire anyone here at Togo. We check out all the couriers we employ with a face to face meeting and thorough background checks, so you can be sure that the person youʼre dealing with is someone you can trust.

Why us

We only hire the best couriers. You choose the times of when to pick up & deliver. Our in app communication lets you chat with the courier and keep track of your parcel. Check the reviews of the courier you want before hiring them. Set your own delivery and pick up price pay what you think is fair or negotiate...Read More


  • How I Download the App
    • To download app click the link that show on home page

  • How does the Application Process Works?
    • Applications to work with Togo can be filled in on the Togo website or in the Togo app, look for the courier section. A member of our will contact you for a face to face interview and a background check. We look forward to working with you!

  • What Items are Permitted?
    • Whatever the courier is willing to transport, as long as it isnʼt on our restricted list or illegal. Restricted Items - Alcohol - Animals - Humans - Explosives/ Firearms - Drugs Paraphernalia - Insecurely packaged fragile items - Stolen Goods - Cash See terms and conditions for more.

  • What are the Courier Forms of Transportation?
    • Couriers use forms of transportation such as feet, bike, motorcycle, car.

  • What if a Courier Rejects My Delivery?
    • When the courier arrives at the location for pick up and finds that the item is a restricted item or not the item they were told was being delivered, there is a cancellation fee you will have to pay. You can see this fee on the website in our terms and conditions.

  • How do the Couriers Get Around?
    • Whatever gets them there, from going on foot to bicycle, car, truck or public transport.

  • Can a Courier Purchase Something for Me?
    • No, our couriers can not make purchases on behalf of anyone.

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